Connecting with clients is possible.

As consumers, everyday we are exposed in one way or another to traditional marketing. However, not all of us are aware that the concept of marketing also applies between businesses.

When a company sells its products or services to other companies, this is known as B2B marketing (which stands for Business to Business). Hiring these products or services can aide companies meet the needs of their end consumers. B2B marketing is a powerful tool that allows approaching potential customers directly.


There are numerous ways to generate B2B communications. Before defining a strategy or executing ideas, it is essential to establish an objective. The more specific the objective, the clearer the communication actions and the better chances of obtaining the results sought.

Audience is as important as the message. It is a must to identify our counterpart, to know whom we are addressing in the company. In this way, it is easy to know how to communicate the message. Each of the actions carried out throughout this communication process speaks for us (and of us). The first impression counts. The second and third do too.

How do I achieve the defined goal? How do I want to be perceived? What is the most effective and efficient way to execute my idea? How do I get the results I’m looking for? Asking these kinds of questions is crucial in the creative process. All these answers lead to a more fluid execution, from establishing action plans; assigning milestones or delivery dates to the work calendar, defining responsibilities and follow-up actions.


Each B2B action teaches us a workflow, with key points to follow. However, there are no pre-made formulas and this is not what we are looking for. We should always aim to customize each strategy for each customer.


Corporate gifts are a clear B2B marketing approach. These represents an opportunity for each brand to strengthen the connection with its customers. Unfortunately, this opportunity is often missed when the objectives are not clear, when we don’t know who is the recipient, or when the action is impersonal.



Marketing B2B

When considering the possibility of approaching a company through this B2B strategy, the challenge is to create a gift that reinforces the DNA of the brand, while communicating a genuine gesture of appreciation to its customers.


As a branding agency, Pop Your Brand had the challenge of making a non-traditional corporate gift, and that is how the Popsicle case began. After a creative process in which questions about the objectives, execution and feasibility were answered, Popsicle, a brand developed in partnership with Popular (artisan popsicles) was born. The goal of this collaboration was to capture the essence of Pop Your Brand to offer customers a personalized gift.



Care in detail was key in creating Popsicle. Defining a conceptual range of colors, executing it on both, the packaging and the product with several mixtures of ingredients, achieving good-tasting flavors with different benefits as added values ​​according to the natural raw materials in each popsicle, and uniting all these details through a connecting thread, raised the bar for Pop Your Brand and its coherent execution of the strategy.


The ability to not limit creativity for fear of its execution stands out as one the lessons learned through the Popsicle case. A good idea should not run the risk of being discarded because its execution could be potentially complex.


With Popsicle, we studied the pros and cons of choosing a popsicle as a corporate gift, and even turned into opportunities several aspects that initially could have seemed like disadvantages. For instance, the delivery was personalized, an excellent opportunity to get closer to the customer and create a good impression. Something as simple as delivering the corporate gift in person can make a big difference in the results and the long lasting impression of a B2B initiative.



Marketing B2B

As a B2B strategy, corporate gifts have the ability to achieve positive and immediate results between companies. Well executed, they have the power to strengthen existing relationships with current customers, while opening the doors to collaboration possibilities with potential clients.