Discovering a brand’s DNA

The advantages offered by marketing and brand development have not always been available to all industries. For years, businesses such as law firms and accountants have been regulated by laws that did not allow them to advertise at a mass level.


They depended on word of mouth, their corporate reputation, direct marketing actions, public relations or exposure in seminars through the presentation of case studies, to make themselves known and/or to obtain new clients. In addition, these traditional services were handled in conventional ways, overlooking the importance of branding and communication strategies.

Many of these barriers have been knocked down through globalization, a phenomenon that has created equal conditions for different industries, facilitating massive exposure and new opportunities, not only locally but worldwide. As a consequence, every day more businesses, professions, products and services are understanding the importance of having a defined personality, a style, a way of being perceived, a way communicating and establishing relationships with their audiences and thus, being able to be relevant, but more importantly, to stand out. This is precisely the beginning of the process: to acknowledge that there is a need for communication.

When we were contacted to create the name and logo of a new and inclusive business model that would offer “real-time business and accountancy advice with accurate data,” we knew it was the perfect opportunity to execute what we know best: to discover a brand’s DNA and develop its potential.

And what is the DNA of a brand? It is its backbone, its foundation, its essence. It is the sum of elements that make it think and act aligned with each of the processes of internal and external behavior; how the brand talks, makes decisions and how it expresses itself. It is the DNA that aligns all these aspects, and what enables it to show itself in a consistent way with the stated objectives.

This is how the Bpartners challenge started. Being a new business, we started from scratch along with the brand, in a process of discovering the essence and vision of the company. Through several working sessions with its partners, we found that unique language of the company.

Before talking about strategy and marketing actions for a brand, it is necessary to be very clear about the raison d’etre of the business, what is the brand’s promise that makes it different, special and unique.

This first point – the process of introspection- is a must, as it helps to align the team by letting them know how to communicate the brand’s promise in a unified way. The clarity achieved in that first step leads us to discover weaknesses, strengths, opportunities and threats, all factors that directly influence the behavior of the company. A brand is built from the inside out, and the last phase defines its personality, tone and style, which speak directly to its target audience. These traits communicate who I am, how and with whom I want to relate.

Through this exercise guided by PYB, crucial questions are posed and specific answers are obtained, resulting in a detailed x-ray of the brand, a detailed map that allows tracing the route of a strategy to achieve the objectives. This document will answer questions such as: what is the personality of my brand? What is its tone, how should it talk and what should it convey? What makes it unique and what is its basic promise?

All this information is valuable, but when analyzed, decoded and applied, it becomes a priceless tool.

This easy-to-use document allows the brand to be consistent, and it serves as a reference to periodically validate that the actions executed are in line with its objectives. The process proposed by PYB follows a chronological order designed to have clarity, from within, and to be able to convey that message out. It is impossible to speak of names, logos, colors or slogans, without having previously defined the intrinsic values ​​of a brand, without having found its DNA. Every minute invested in building this behavioral handbook is equivalent to spending time with a personal coach focused on your business. In PYB we can accompany you in this process, creating and/or discovering your brand, so that your business reaches its maximum potential.

PYB is an international branding and design agency specialized in the creation and development of brands. We understand the importance of knowing our clients to help them connect with their customers. We analyze each business – individually and in its context – to offer customized solutions.

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