Unity makes strength: cobranding

A synergy of ideas becomes the great opportunity to expand to other markets and position with potential clients: co-branding.

What if two brands decided to unite? That is what co-branding is about, a branding strategy that leaves the competitive mind behind and welcomes the union between two brands or even artists, athletes and designers. The aim is to attract new customers in terms of positive impact in the users minds or maximize their impact in the market by setting a solid differential.

By knowledge

These alliances are generally done with the objective of expanding to new areas by having access to demographic data and consuming tendencies that brands can exchange. An example of this are credit cards and airlines: they exchange information and then offer benefits to attract new customers.


Promotional value

Brands want to highlight positive values for consumers making them feel more comfortable and increasing their loyalty, creating a positive mouth to mouth surrounding some of their products or services. A good example for this is when homeware brands recommend cleaning products or when a car sales institution suggest GPS hardware.



The most popular co-branding strategy consists in creating alliances to launch new products in the markets giving as a result unified resources between two brands.

Complementary competences

This is a co-branding tactic that impact the most and it focus in the creation on a brand new product developed by the two parts entirely, aiming to generate value through the sinergy that the two companies create. Apple and Hermes, the french fashion maison, formed a union and created the Apple Watch Hermes, a innovative product created by both companies that have the fortes of each one.  Video: https://vimeo.com/184342946

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