The art of connecting

Your customers are the source of information most valuable. Pay attention to your problems and needs, so you will create a strategy that provides the full experience they are looking for.

Listening not only means being attentive on what consumers “say”, but also to what they “don’t say”. It is thinking about what they are asking, what they need and why they need it. Many times it is about putting yourself in their shoes, being on their situation and context. A study published in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science determined that listening is an element composed of three dimensions: perception, evaluation and response. When clients perceive a high level of listening, it increases their confidence and makes them more likely to interact again in the future.

When a company connects not only sells only once, but sells repeatedly over time, achieving greater efficiency in their business as well as better customer satisfaction. In social networks, the term to measure that connection is called ‘engagement’, which has become a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) very sought by companies.

But how to achieve it genuinely in a market where it is easy to get followers and likes by paying with credit card?
Go beyond

To understand the consumer you have to go beyond what you ask for, it’s about understanding their mind and emotions. Volkswagen made a campaign for the model Space Fox and the concept was: ‘It fits everything you imagine’, which goes beyond the symbolic meaning of the car as mode of transportion, but from an emotional perspective and catalyzing experiences. If we define what it means for people, a car is dreams, experiences, goals, etc.

It is this connection with your consumers that makes the difference in the market.
Improve the service

Having an excellent product, branding or even social networks is not everything. Your strategy may be working perfectly, but customer service must go hand in hand. When the consumer speaks with a brand representative, it’s one of the few occasions in which he communicates directly with the company. This interaction has an important value for the client, since they identify the employee as the brand itself.


Content marketing

This is the most real proof that you have a happy consumer, generating an audience that stays with you longer because of the information you provide is the modern marketing tool. Paid ads only work if you invest money on a constant basis.

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