Be your own critic and you will stand out

There is no such thing as a prefabricated branding strategy: each brand deserves one that aligns with its needs and consumers. In this process is easy to make mistakes and we have listed the more usual:

It is true that every brand essence is different from one another and there are some fundamental principles that are the same to branding strategies.

Not having a plan

Work without a punctual plan is not only counterproductive for the brand but is also harmful for your finances. Establish a plan for your digital presence or even the colors, fonts and the message you want to transmit as a business. All of this must be ready before launching a branding campaign.


Not knowing your audience

You need to research and clearly know whom you want to reach, if a buyer persona needs what you offer, to really know who is your client. It is essential that you know: what do you need? What are their problems? Who is it and what they you want? Creating a fictitious person will help you to specify your consumer. It is the only way to understand your audience.


A complex strategy

To pop in the market is something all brands want, but the simplest is what consumers remember. Forget the hard names, complex designs, a website with too many images and videos that make the page slow, or a slogan hard to interpret.

Radical changes

Reinvent itself is something strong brands should do to give their consumers something more by changing a bit. To change completly though shouldn’t be done too much. Remember: you want buyers to have you at the top of their minds.


Not keeping track

Backtracking to step one, not having a plan. Branding strategies work on a long term as the public gets to know your brand, results will come.


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