Pop Your Brand.
We bring a balance of strategy and creativity in our solutions, based on the essence of each brand.

What we are

We are an international agency of branding and design, specialized in the creation and development of brands. We understand the importance of knowing our clients to help them connect with their customers. We analyze each business – individually and in its context – to offer customized solutions.

What we do

We seek the essence of each brand. We find what makes them unique so they connect effectively with their customers. Then, we define their needs and unify their messages to be consistent. In addition, we develop customized action plans, focused on results. Last, we establish parameters and methodologies to ensure an impeccable execution.

Our network of professionals is made of designers, architects, photographers, audiovisual producers and experts capable of turning our ideas into tangible products for the communication of brands, whether existing or emerging.

Our capabilities


Brand development.
Brand positioning.
Brand DNA.
Brand experience design
Brand architecture and rationalization.
Logos and visual systems.
Vision, voice, purpose and values.
Partnership and licensing strategy.


Content and digital strategy.
Marketing and customer strategy.
Inbound marketing.

Retail Marketing

Brand activation and toolkits.
Display and windows design.
Customer experience.
Brand and product launch.


Rafa Candanedo

CEO and Founding Partner
Senior Brand Strategist

Rafa is a Panamanian graphic designer and entrepreneur. He founded Blank Communications, a creative boutique renowned for its contemporary design style, and sold the company after a decade of groundbreaking work. In POP YOUR BRAND he shows a more business and retail oriented approach to advertising and branding.

Miguel Mejia Arce

Senior Brand Creator

Even though he began his career as an art director and designer in his native Colombia, Miguel has made a name for himself in Panama as a creative director. He was partner for the Kadabra production company and then created his own, Dinamita Warehouse. He joined POP YOUR BRAND in 2014, bringing his savvy to the table.

Gabriel Holness

Partner and CEO – Bpartners
Financial Consultant

As a regional financial and business consultant, Gabriel helps POP YOUR BRAND see the forest for the trees.
His experience with global corporations, as well as with local start-ups, allows him to provide sound advice that balances both the business and creative aspects of the strategies the company designs for its clients.

Paola Incarbone

Brand Project Manager

MarĂ­a Elena Kosmas

Brand Creative Artworker

Arturo Alzamora

Brand Creative Artworker